Seasons of growth




fighting for our opportunity to dream - imagining our bodies and spirits rising - growing up toward the light - growing deeply and widely - sometimes the way we grow is not up - plants have roots - all the ways we grow and heal aren’t visible - plants and humans have seasons of growth - under the dirt - our bodies heal when we rest - i dream when i am at rest - we offer ourselves and our care - i like to imagine the ways we love as the way we heal our past trauma - all the traumas passed on to us, the ones that live in our bodies and collective memory - roots are muddy and covered in the soil that we are planted in - always digging into my soil - i am my own anchor - i spread my roots wide to be met - sometimes when i do i find the roots of the plant next to me - if it feels good our roots intertwine and we remember how we have known each other - i remember the power of our existence - our roots are what they cannot rid - when i remember those that built the pathways that i try to follow - it is hard to always grow upward but i can reach up and down and feel just as held in my growth in both